Meeting Lincoln Alexander as the Lieutenant-Governor of Ontario

In the late 80’s, as a young Stratford Police Constable I met Lincoln Alexander when he was the Lieutenant-Governor of Ontario.

During a routine dayshift, I was assigned to escort him to the Stratford Festival Theatre where he was to attend a ceremony. His limo arrived early and was waiting at a mall parking lot on the outskirts of the city. When I arrived I spoke with his driver who asked that we wait before proceeding and that the Lieutenant-Governor would like to speak with me. Before I knew it I was sitting with him in his limo. I of course wondered what he would want to talk with me about…did I do something wrong, was I late, a protocol breached…no, he just wanted to chat. I don’t recall the specifics but generally he wanted to know about me about me, my background, family, ambitions, and policing issues. The chat flowed easily and was soon (too soon) over. I led the limo to the theatre in my cruiser…without incident.  

What struck me about the experience was that this dignitary had no airs about him, like me just a man, his ego in check, he was genuine. I appreciated his time and sadly say goodbye to a great man.

Rest in peace Sir.


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