Taser used = Mental Health Crisis Ended Without Injury

All available officers and an ambulance converged to the Home Building Centre on Lindsay Street South on Wednesday July 17th at 9:55am when an employee assaulted another, while suffering a mental health crisis.

Officers were able to confine the very large employee to the area of the parking lot but were literally unable to communicate with the man who by this time was non-verbal.

Fearing the man to turn violent yet again, walk out into the Lindsay Street South traffic, or even enter the Scugog River, the officer-in-charge elected to apprehend the victim with the assistance of a Taser. The man was apprehended quickly and immediately escorted to waiting paramedics.

He was taken to the Ross Memorial Hospital for medical assistance.

Should you, or an acquaintance find yourself in crisis;
First, please call

a) Four Country Crisis Line 24/7 at 866-995-9933 and talk with someone. They are funded by CMHA to cover our region.

b) Victim Services at 1 800 574-4401 number and speak with their staff/team leaders 24/7….they are trained in crisis intervention as well as any referrals that they may need within Kawartha and Haliburton. They are funded by the Ministry of the Attorney General.

Second, there is a crisis nurse in the Ross Memorial Hospital Emergency Department, 0800-2200 Monday through Friday and 1000-1700 on Saturday and Sunday.


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