2013 Seatbelt Campaign

The goal of our seatbelt campaign is to raise public awareness of the importance of wearing seatbelts, and educate drivers on the proper use of Child car seats and booster seats.

This year’s campaign runs from September 26th through October 11th and will focus on the theme of the 3 “W’s”…….Whatever, Wherever, and Whenever you drive, every trip begins with a click.

Since the mandatory use of child car seats was implemented in 1982, there has been a 30 per cent reduction in motor vehicle collision injuries. Ontario was the first province to require all drivers and passengers to buckle up. (implemented 1976) A Transport Canada survey result indicates that approximately 96 per cent of on Ontarians buckle up.

Booster seats are required for children who have outgrown a child car seat but are too small for a regular seat belt. A lap and shoulder combination belt must be used for all booster seats.

Ready for a Seatbelt? (our most common seatbelt question) The law in Ontario allows a child to start using a seatbelt alone once any one of the following criteria is met:

* Child turns 8 years old
* Child weighs 36 kg or 80 lbs
* Child is 145 cm or 4’9” tall.

Please make sure they can sit against the back of the seat with their legs bent comfortably over the edge, the shoulder strap of the seatbelt lies across their shoulder and the middle of their chest, and the lap belt crosses over their hips.

To kick off the 2013 Seatbelt Campaign, Community Services Officer Constable Jeff Wentworth organized a “Quick Click Challenge” at the Lindsay Exhibition grandstand Wednesday evening to start the fall fair.

Seatbelt challenge

Teams of four from each of the three Lindsay high schools competed against each other to record the fastest time moving through each of the four seating positions within our Dodge Charger cruisers, both fastening and taking off the seatbelts. Participants moved to the next seating position only after every team member correctly buckled up. The entire team which returned to their original position in the fastest time, won the event.

This year, the team from St. Thomas Aquinas won the event. Each team member received an Ipod Shuffle generously donated by the Stewart Morrison Insurance Company on Lindsay Street South.


“Goldhawk Speaks Out: Growing Older Shouldn’t Hurt”

HKL Elder Abuse Prevention Network - Growing Older Shouldn't Hurt event poster

The Haliburton Kawartha Lakes Elder Abuse Prevention Network is hosting an event featuring keynote speaker Dale Goldhawk, host of Goldhawk Fights Back on Zoomer Radio AM 740, journalist, author and broadcaster, on October 30th at the Lindsay Golf & Country Club. Their target audience will be seniors and they are offering this exciting presentation free of charge to those attending.

“Goldhawk Speaks Out: Growing Older Shouldn’t Hurt” will highlight many personal anecdotal stories that Dale has collected over the years as a strong consumer advocate. Attendees will learn about how to protect themselves against frauds/scams, and become more aware of current issues that impact their quality of living.

Please feel free to pass along this information to clients, volunteers, friends, family, etc…. who might benefit from attending. Seniors can easily register for this event by calling or registering on-line (see poster).

Thanks to the Haliburton Kawartha Lakes Elder Abuse Prevention Network for hosting this event and to Adelaide Place Retirement Community for being a Corporate sponsor.