Free Parking in Downtown Lindsay Begins June 16th

Beginning on Monday, June 16 there will be free parking at all Lindsay metered parking spots within the downtown core for a maximum of two hours. Users who park in off-street lots will still be required to pay.

Focusing on customer needs, the free metered parking is part of a current Initiative Management Black Belt project on parking utilization in Lindsay’s downtown core which will yield a better understanding of the needs of our customers.

During the course of the free parking period surveys will be completed both in-person, as well as on the City’s website at and will be distributed via the City’s social media channels.

The goal of the project is to determine whether on-street parking meters play a role in the utilization of parking downtown, whether people are familiar with the City’s off-street parking lots, the purpose of the visits to Lindsay’s downtown, and how much and by what method people would prefer to pay for parking in Lindsay’s downtown.

The information gathered during the data collection phase will be instrumental in providing invaluable information to the City as well as downtown merchants and business owners.

For questions regarding Lindsay’s downtown parking utilization data collection initiative please contact:

Denise Williams
Process Improvement Facilitator
(705) 928-5931


Ron Taylor
Director of Development Service
(705) 324-9411 Ext. 1239


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