Police Service Board Vacancy Information Sheets

The Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services, Public Safety Division has just distributed this information to all Chiefs, OPP Commissioner, Police Service Board Chairs and encourages us to share it with our communities.

Police services boards play an important role in Ontario. Filling police service board vacancies is a lengthy process that includes: receiving applications, interviewing candidates, selecting a candidate, and conducting a candidate background check. Once the background check is complete, an Order-in-Council must be approved by the Minister of Community Safety and Correctional Services and subsequently by Cabinet. Following Cabinet approval, the appointment may be subject to review by the Standing Committee on Government Agencies. Finally, the Order in Council is signed by the Lieutenant Governor in Council, and the appointment is complete.

Before this process can begin, however, the Ministry strives to ensure that there is a strong pool of candidates.

Individuals interested in applying to be a member of a police services board can find specific information on qualification requirements, expectations, and how to apply by reviewing the attached “Police Services Board Vacancy Information Sheets”. Depending on the type of board, there are two information sheets: Municipal Police Forces and OPP Service Provision Agreements.

Both Police Services Board Vacancy Information Sheets can be found on the Ontario Public Service website through the links below:



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