2014 Use of Force Report


In Ontario, all police officers are required* to submit a “Use of Force Report” in any of the following circumstances:

  • Anytime a member draws a handgun in the presence of the public
  • Anytime a member discharges a firearm in the course of their duties
  • When a weapon, other than a firearm, is used on a member of the public**
  • When any force is used that results in an injury that requires medical attention

*R.R.O. 1990 Reg. 926

**Includes expandable batons, aerosol weapons (OC Spray), and conducted energy weapons (Taser)

All Use of Force Reports submitted by KLPS officers are reviewed by a supervisor and a training officer to ensure compliance with Provincial legislation and our own policies on the use of force.


In 2014, City of Kawartha Lakes Police Officers submitted 36 Use of Force Reports involving a total of 45 force options (several reports involved more than one force option being utilized).

The following is a summary of the reported incidents from 2013:

Handgun Drawn or Pointed at Another Person (22 Incidents):

The majority of incidents involve officers arresting subjects who are non-compliant and officer safety concerns exist.

Firearm Discharged (1 Incident):

An officer used their issue sidearm to humanely destroy a deer that had been injured in a collision with a vehicle.

Empty Hand Techniques (9 Incidents):

A Use of Force report solely for the use of “Empty Hand Techniques” is only required if the subject involved receives an injury that requires medical attention.  Empty Hand Techniques are often used before or in concert with other force options.  Those incidents are also captured in use of force reporting.

Aerosol Weapons (6 Incidents):

OC spray was used on one occasion in 2014 to assist officers in gaining control of a subject who was combative and resisting arrest

Conducted Energy Weapons (10 Incidents):

In 2014, a KLPS officer deployed a conducted energy weapon (Taser) to apprehend a male party who was armed with two knives.  In the remaining 9 incidents, the CEW was displayed, but not deployed.

Canine (2 Incidents):

On 2 occasions, the City of Kawartha Lakes Police K-9 was utilized to forcibly bring uncooperative subjects into custody.  Those incidents resulted in very minor injuries to the involved parties.




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